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CryptoWP is a cryptocurrency platform for WordPress that makes getting and displaying the latest prices and data of your favorite coins on your website a cinch.

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See Current Market Prices

CryptoWP pulls the freshest market data from over 1,000+ coins and keeps them updated on your website automatically. Display coins as plain text, a list, or the Grid layout below. ↓




BTC 2.88%




ETH 7.01%




LTC 8.26%




XRP 8.22%

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash


BCH 16.59%




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ARK 10.76%

See CryptoWP's Top Features

CryptoWP is neatly packed with the right features for crypto blogger's and content producers. With regular updates, this platform stands to appreciate alongside your favorite assets.

Crypto Dashboard

Use the Crypto Dashboard to manually refresh coin data, add custom coins, edit coin attributes, and more.

Coin Importer

Import data from a selection of 1,300+ coins in just the click of a button from the WordPress Admin.

Fresh Market Data

Your coins will automatically refresh in the background of your site every 15 minutes to show new market data.

Display Options

Use the CryptoWP shortcode and widget to display coins in plain text, as a simple list, or in a grid layout.

Smart Processing

All coin data is processed in the background of your site so your visitor's never experience a slowdown.

20+ Currencies

Show the prices of your favorite coins in any one of the 20+ supported fiat currencies (more coming in Pro).

Developer Friendly

For ultimate flexibility, developers can use CryptoWP's data in custom templates with a single API call.

No Watermarks

Unlike most solutions, CryptoWP focuses on your content and never leaves a watermark link on your site.

Plugin Updates

CryptoWP has a lot in store for the future. Get new updates sent straight to your dashboard on purchase.


There's more than one way to strike gold in cryptocurrency…

As the Demand for Crypto Explodes in 2021, so Does the Need for New Resources + Information

Bitcoin surges in 2017

Bitcoin Total Market Cap:


The year 2017 will be looked back on as the time where cryptocurrency made impact into the mainstream consciousness. So what's next?

Latest Market Prices

With such fast adoption of new technology comes the need to understand it, and many who invest in crypto simply do not fully understand what they are getting into.

A quick analysis of basic keywords in Google shows a growing interest in crypto searches, and a surprising amount of room to rank for those who publish cryptocurrency guides.

(…and despite its popularity, you can do much better than a blog on Medium.)

From opinion pieces to technical analysis, and even investment advice (you may not like give it, but people search for it), the rise of crypto bloggers and information sources are as inevitable as Bitcoin's expanding market cap.

In this new niche market gold rush, you'll want every advantage to stand out from the crowd, and CryptoWP delivers the features that give you a professional edge.

This gives your audience an interactive piece of content to play with, and another reason to come back and check on your website.

BTC (24h)   %

A single Bitcoin is worth $ and is expected to rise throughout 2021.


With CryptoWP's smart data processing, your site will continuously display the latest coin prices of your choosing with no lag time.

Thanks to a simple interface, importing coins to your site only takes a few clicks and displaying them is as easy as dragging a Widget or typing a quick shortcode.

Unlike other plugins, CryptoWP does not add watermarks to your site and gives you unlimited flexibility in how you display your coin's data.

From a simple grid and list layout to plain text (can you believe how fast NEO surged to $114.84?)—and easy to work with template data—you can customize your coin's displays any way you'd like.

CryptoWP is a new power-packed plugin with a bright future, designed to make your job as a crypto writer easier and a little more fun. Are you ready to start writing more data-driven crypto content?

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