CryptoWP Changelog


  • Plugin now stores the percentage change per hour based on local currency. Access with percent_hour key in the show parameter of shortcode and developer functions.


  • Adds a new text box to the Widget so you can add small description text on your Coins grid


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  • Improved admin UI
  • Added mass refresh button instead of single coin refresh
  • Smoother drag and drop reordering
  • Removed manual add coin button, exclusively use Importer
  • Improved coin data structure
  • Deprecates cryptowp_data() function, use more versatile get_cryptowp()
  • Changes frontend CSS handle to cryptowp.css
  • Added cache-busting query string to all CSS/JS resources
  • Fixed broken delete button after import/refresh actions
  • Improved textdomain handling and string escaping
  • Removed unused scripts and styles from frontend and backend


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  • New: Use the
    shortcode to calculate the dollar value of any currency. See example below, click here for easy instructions.

    $200 will buy you 0.0031 worth of Bitcoin, while that same $200 could buy you 0.0577 worth of Ethereum.

  • New: CryptoWP now shows up to 4 decimal places for any coins worth under 1 cent.
  • Importer interface improvements


  • Change currency symbol in Crypto Dashboard to user specified symbol


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  • Change to freemium model
  • Optimized Import/Refresh process
  • File and code cleanup/reorganization
  • Added languages directory


  • Fixes autorefresh bug on sites with 50+ coins


  • Migrated to the CryptoCompare API
  • Fixed serious performance issue that could crash sites
  • You can now import dozens of coins at a single time from the coin importer
  • Fixed occasional error warnings/messages after save
  • Internal file/database reorganization


  • NEW: Link coins to pages on your site from the Crypto dashboard
  • NEW: Grid Cards now have a cool hover effect when you hover your mouse
  • FIX: Added current coin supply number to text template
  • FIX: Remove empty whitespace after shortcode text
  • FIX: Strengthen CSS selectors to play better with themes


  • Fixes connection issue that sometimes prevents coin data from importing/refreshing


  • CryptoWP is released to the world!