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CryptoWP 1.2.2 Adds Calculator Text Shortcode, Better Decimal Support, and More

CryptoWP 1.2.2 is now available for update. You can login to your WordPress dashboard to update instantly, or download for free from

CryptoWP 1.2.2 comes with the following changes:

  • New: Use the [crypto] shortcode to calculate the dollar value of any currency. See example below, click here for easy instructions.

    $200 will buy you 0.0032 worth of Bitcoin, while that same $200 could buy you 0.0589 worth of Ethereum.

  • New: CryptoWP now shows up to 4 decimal places for any coins worth under 1 cent.
  • Importer interface improvements

Follow the official Changelog to see CryptoWP’s full development journey.

New: Calculate Coin Values From Any Cryptocurrency

You can use the new calc attribute in the shortcode to display what any dollar amount of your favorite Coins are worth (see instructions). This is especially useful if you’re offering a paid service on your site and always want to show the latest coin value of what your service costs.

For example, if you want to get paid $200 worth of Bitcoin, use this text shortcode to display the value in BTC:

[crypto coins="BTC" type="text" show="price" calc="200"]

$200 will buy you 0.0032 worth of BTC

You can hire me for only $50/hr (or 0.0147 ETH per hour)

Let’s exchange $75 worth of WAVES ( 78.9474) for $75 worth of Bitcoing ( 0.0012)

Learn how to use the new calc attribute in the crypto shortcode →

New: Handle Decimal Points on Coins Less Than 1 Cent

Prior to version 1.2.2, any coin that was listed under 1 cent would show as $0.00. This is not truly reflective of the price, and every cent matters in crypto pricing.

Now each time your site refreshes coin data it will detect if the price is less than a cent and show upto four decimal places to better represent the value.

Example: Reddcoin’s price is currently $.

Further control over decimal points for all currencies coming soon.

Other: Plugin Reorganization, Fix Warning Messages, Improved Interface

Alongside these nice little features, some warning messages were fixed that showed up in certain configurations. Finally, some code cleanup and reorganization throughout the core plugin and a slight design tweak to the interface was made.

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