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CryptoWP 1.3 Simplifies Crypto Dashboard, Optimizes Coin Data, and Many Other Refinements

CryptoWP 1.3 is officially ready for download! To update, simply login to your WordPress admin panel and click “upgrade to CryptoWP 1.3” from the Plugins options panel.

See What’s New in CryptoWP 1.3

  • Crypto Dashboard UI touchups
  • Mass refresh coins in one click with the new Refresh button
  • Easier drag and drop reordering from the Crypto dashboard
  • Removed the “Add Coin” button for manual coin entry
  • Simplified coin data structure: developers can easily access coin data with the simple get_cryptowp() function
  • Improved textdomain translation features and string output
  • Fixed broken delete button after coin import or refresh
  • Read full changelog

Download Cryptowp 1.3 now

Thank you for using the CryptoWP plugin to power the cryptocurrency prices on your website! CryptoWP is a fast-growing free plugin on the repository being used on more than 200+ active sites and counting, and today’s new version 1.3 is to celebrate the recent explosion of growth.

CryptoWP 1.3 solidifies the Plugin further by restructuring the coin data structure your site uses to show coins in a more efficient way that makes it even more lightweight to load heavy coin data throughout your site.

To reflect the new healthy data structure under the hood, the Crypto dashboard has also been improved to offer a mass-refresh button that allows you to refresh all coin prices at once instead of the old one coin at a time refresh method.

To make reordering coins from your dashboard even easier, the drag and drop script used in CryptoWP has been tweaked to become faster and far easier to use: you won’t have any problems with drag and drop now!

To avoid confusion and offer a more consistent coin importing experience, manual coin entry has been removed and adding coins to your site will be done exclusively through the Import button on your dashboard.

With a much leaner data structure and cleaner admin experience, many old scripts and styles that were no longer needed have been removed to make the already most optimized cryptocurreny WordPress plugin on the market even more lightweight!

Nothing is more important for the growth of CryptoWP’s features than to be built on a clean foundation, and CryptoWP 1.3 takes that commitment to the next level.

Thank you all for supporting this plugin and I am excited to soon hit the 1,000+ active sites mark!

To further helper support the Plugin, have you considered preordering CryptoWP Pro? Once 100 copies are sold, I will begin development of CryptoWP Pro which will add many more power features to your site. Check it out and preorder below!