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CryptoWP Now Available for Free Download on Plugins Directory

The CryptoWP has gotten new life recently with the switch to the Freemium model. You can now download the latest version of CryptoWP from the Plugins directory.

When I first launched this plugin back in January of I went back and forth on the idea of making CryptoWP a paid or free plugin. After putting everything else on hold to obsessively develop this plugin in December 2017, I decided to launch CryptoWP as a premium product to cover development costs.

All in all the launch was a success and brought in the first paying customers, of whom I’m extremely grateful to for showing me that this plugin does have value on the market.

Over the months sales would come in slowly, maybe 1-2 per month, and the plugin I developed to be the best just wasn’t getting in the hands of as many people as I wanted.

As a one man show who runs a larger software company and who’s time is best spent writing code, I knew this was something I’d have to address sooner or later.

For the sake of the plugin’s growth and to keep development worth it, more people needed to use CryptoWP to ensure it stays a great platform.

On top of my marketing problem and the growing dissatisfaction of watching other bloated and inferior plugins (and one rip-off) rack up hundreds of downloads on, I knew making CryptoWP a free download was the best move.

Download CryptoWP from now →

Since releasing CryptoWP for free, it has been downloaded 200 times and has doubled the amount of active sites using CryptoWP to display prices.

Best of all, development has continued and some new features have been released which I’ll explain below.

Before I do that, let me answer an important question:

What if I purchased CryptoWP before it was free?

The only problem with switching a premium plugin to a free plugin is the unfairness to my loyal customers who have already purchased CryptoWP.

The purpose of changing to the Freemium model is to get the plugin in the hands of as many people as possible who can validate the plugin’s worth for future development and send in bug fixes/feature improvement.

Of course once enough users are established it will then be time again to sell something. That idea later down the line is called CryptoWP Pro and it will be available to you, an original paying customer, free for life.

You will get the Pro version for free and updates for life at no charge; you’ll never pay another cent for CryptoWP again!

What is CryptoWP Pro?

CryptoWP Pro will be an advanced version of the free CryptoWP plugin. It will have all of the same features and interface but with Pro-only features. Some features on the roadmap:

  • Live updating prices without page refresh
  • More coin templates, including price ticker
  • like coin listing grid
  • More features announced soon…

Don’t worry, the free version of CryptoWP won’t ever get cluttered with ads and I will never disable any functionality that comes in the core plugin.

To start the development of CryptoWP Pro, I am doing a preorder/Kickstarter like special. Once 100 copies of CryptoWP Pro are pre-ordered, I will begin development and release the plugin shortly after.

If you have any suggestions or questions about CryptoWP Pro, please feel free to contact me at

Pre-order CryptoWP Pro below and save 40%: