How to Edit Default Templates With a Child Theme

Staying true to the plugin’s nature, there is no data you can’t edit in CryptoWP—including templates. With your WordPress child theme, find out how to customize templates in a few easy steps.

CryptoWP comes with two templates that represent all frontend output, and are completely customizeable. These templates were built in a way that should leave you flexible enough to customize without this step, but this extra leverage will give you total control.

First, you’ll need to connect to your site via FTP. From there, navigate to:


In this folder you’ll find two template files called cryptowp.php and cryptowp-text.php. These are the template files you can copy over to your child theme.

cryptowp.php is the template file used to display the Grid and List layout, and is used by both the Widget and shortcode.

cryptowp-text.php is only used with the shortcode, and when the show attribute is set to text.

Based on your criteria, open the template you need to edit in a text editor and copy its contents, or duplicate the file.

Edit child theme files

Next, navigate to the path of your child theme (/wp-content/themes/your-child-theme-name) and create a folder called /templates/.

Finally, within the new /templates/ file recreate the file name of the CryptoWP template you copied (either cryptowp.php or cryptowp-text.php and paste the template code you copied into it.

Now, instead of loading the plugin’s version of the template, CryptoWP will load the templates from your child theme.

TIP: You should never directly edit files in the CryptoWP plugin as all of your changes will be lost when you update the plugin. For this reason we try to make sure you can filter and edit as much as possible from your child theme without the need to edit the plugin.