How to Manually Get a Coin ID From CoinMarketCap

If a coin you wish to add to your site isn’t listed in the Coin Importer, you can manually add the coin yourself in a few extra steps.

To manually add a coin and pull its data, we simply need to get the coin ID from CoinMarketCap.

Step 1: Search CoinMarketCap for Coin

In the search bar, type in the coin name you’re looking for:

Search CoinMarketCap

…and once on the Coin page, copy the coin ID from the URL in your browser’s address bar:

Copy Coin ID

Step 2: Paste Coin ID into Crypto Dashboard

Once you have the Coin ID you can head over to your Crypto Dashboard and enter the coin name and ID into a new field.

CoinMarketCap Coin ID

After you enter this data, save your changes. Your Dashboard will refresh and you will now see a control to refresh your new coin’s data.

Click the refresh button, and if you entered the correct coin ID, CryptoWP will import the latest market data and upload the coin’s image to your website. Your new coin will also be placed in the autorefresh queue, so that data will always stay up to date.

Refresh coin data

You can also use the cryptowp_coins filter to filter in Coin IDs to the importer list. Read more about the filter here.