CryptoWP Whitepaper

CryptoWP is a WordPress plugin that launched on the eve of 2018 with the goal of becoming every crypto blogger’s must-have publishing tool. What problems does the plugin aim to solve, and why should anybody use this tool on their own site?

Bitcoin surges in 2017
Bitcoin Total Market Cap:


It’s no secret that cryptocurrency reached a tipping point in 2017 and unleashed an entirely new niche of information and gave birth to new mini-celebrities.

On all types of our favorite Internet platforms, from the depths of Reddit to the “in-your-face” style of Crypto Twitter, the buzz of the crypto revolution is nearly impossible to ignore.

But what about our own platforms? No, I’m not talking about a Medium blog, but a website that you own and grow in a way you never could elsewhere.

Renting platforms around the Internet is a great way to get your voice heard and name known. However, the potential for interaction stops on grounds that are never fully in your control—where is the platform you send your people to?

There are plenty of reasons to own your own website:

  1. You 100% own your content and fully control your message
  2. Avoid censorship and the ban stick (within the law)
  3. No character or formatting limits
  4. Add credibility to your work and a hub to always be found
  5. Take your content to the next level with memberships, courses, and products

What will you do when you see the Revolution coming?

Crypto 2018: The Year of __________

The new year of 2018 will be the year of many things for cryptocurrency, but it will especially be the year of content. As billions of dollars flows through cryptocurrency each day, there’s no doubting the interest in the markets.

…but a quick search through Google often leads to pretty unremarkable results in a space mostly dominated by mainstream publications and their many hit pieces.

An opportunity exists to educate all of the new money coming intro crypto about the technology and investment strategies of crypto in ways that Twitter and Reddit may not best serve.

And the ones who see this will grow their authority and influence in ways they never thought of before.

Why CryptoWP is a Must-Have for Content Producers

Refresh coin data

At its core, CryptoWP is a plugin that makes it easy to display the latest market data and information about your favorite coins on your website.

Unlike most solutions, CryptoWP is built right into your site and is designed to work into your existing writing process.

By utilizing WordPress, by far the most popular CMS on the web and the no-brainer platform for building an online business, CryptoWP takes advantage of a few powerful tools to make displaying data on your site easy:

1. The Shortcode

CryptoWP comes with an easy-to-use shortcode that displays coin data in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most useful is the simplest of displays, the plain text format.

For example, did you know Bitcoin’s price is $61,857.80 right now?

The crypto shortcode makes it easy to blend live data right into your posts and can be styled to match any paragraph, heading, list, or other kind of element. The best part is this data is constantly refreshed and pulls from your own server—not offloaded elsewhere—so your articles will always stay up-to-date with the latest market data.

2. The Widget

Another popular WordPress feature, the Crypto Widget, makes it easy to display your coin data in your sidebar or other areas of your site. This widget can be setup in just a few clicks and is the easiest way to get coin data to show up on your site.

3. Developer Customization

The best part about WordPress is that there’s nothing you can’t customize yourself. By making a single call to the CryptoWP API, you can use all of your coin data in WordPress’ rich templating system to build just about anything you want.

The Crypto Dashboard Adds a Unique Editing Experience to Your WordPress Admin Panel

The Crypto Dashboard is perhaps the most innovative feature of the entire plugin and creates a wonderfully simple experience for you to manage all of your favorite coins from the WordPress admin.

CryptoWP Coins Dashboard

Click to expand image

This new admin screen gives you a lot of control over your coins, including:

  1. Coin Importer: Import 1,300+ coins to your site in just a few clicks
  2. Add Coins: Manually add coins and fill-in their attributes
  3. Currency: Change the fiat currency your coins are priced in
  4. Manual Refresh: Manually refresh the data of any coin with the Refresh button

In addition to these features, CryptoWP automatically refreshes your coin data every 15 minutes, ensuring your site always shows the most accurate coin data.

It’s funny, the more I’ve started to use this plugin the more I’ve felt urges to come back to my site to check the latest coin prices rather than my usual sources. There’s something so simply alluring about the Dashboard that has me stopping mid-blog post to check up on coin prices!

How Does CryptoWP Handle Coin Data?

CryptoWP pulls a wealth of information through the incredible CryptoCompare API, and does so in the most respectful way possible.

For example, the Coin Importer only runs five coins at a time with the intention of slowing you down to make no more than 10 API calls per minute (their limit).

After the import process, the data is saved to your database and your site stops communicating with CryptoCompare’s servers upon completion. From there, your site will only make API calls when you import more coins, manually refresh data, or when the 15 minute autorefresh feature kicks in.

As stated, CryptoWP updates your coin data every 15 minutes on page load and does it in a background of your site so your visitor’s will never “feel” the effects of your coin data refreshing itself.

At no point, unless you make the action, will your site load the CryptoCompare API. This is a rather expensive query to make, so many precautions were taken in the plugin’s development to only make the calls when needed.

The benefit of this style is that your site will be able to grab constantly updating data from a 3rd party source without suffering any performance hits that can potentially cause your site to load slow or even crash.

And unlike all other solutions similar to CryptoWP, no JavaScript or other scripts are loaded on the frontend of your site, so you won’t even suffer the penalties of making an extra HTTP request to a potentially heavy script file.

The only requests CryptoWP makes on the frontend is a single, optimized call to your database and a request to load a very small CSS file (which can be disabled here).

What Resources are Available for CryptoWP?

CryptoWP is more than just a plugin! It’s a growing platform with great new features in store and a growing wealth of knowledge and products.

Currently you can browse the knowledgebase for a slew of tutorials and resources teaching you how to use CryptoWP and even customize it further.

In the future, apart from new features, you can expect an Addons store that will allow you to purchase custom designed price tickers and other creations (like the pricing table at the end of this whitepaper) using the CryptoWP data.

If you have any questions or need help with the plugin along the way you can directly email Alex, the developer, here.

Who Made CryptoWP?

Alex Mangini, CryptoWP Founder

If this whitepaper has sounded a little more personable than most, it’s because I wrote it in the way I’d speak to you in real life. My name is Alex Mangini and I’ve been building online businesses with WordPress for over 10 years.

Over the span of those 10 years I’ve launched a small hand full of online businesses (I focus on high quality over quantity), have worked with dozens of clients one-on-one, and sold products to thousands of people.

Apart from CryptoWP, I run a one-man web agency called Kolakube and focus on selling my flagship product, Marketers Delight.

But it was only in the summer of 2017 that I got into crypto, and only because a friend of mine stayed persistent enough to convince me to make my first investment from a coffee shop.

Ever since then I’ve been hooked and increasingly more curious how I could blend my development and business skills into the crypto space; I wanted to be more than just an investor.

Admittedly, a big goal of mine with this project was to accumulate more crypto without having to keep spending my own money in the markets!

…but quickly after starting, I saw the potential of CryptoWP and continuously extended my deadlines to make sure I delivered only the best product imaginable. Now I want to build the premier WordPress platform for crypto content producers.

If you’re reading this now, that day is finally here and I welcome you to the beginning of CryptoWP. Are you ready to start creating more data-driven crypto content?