How to Add Custom Coins to the Coins Importer

If, for any reason, you want to add your own selection of coins to the Coin Importer (in addition to the Top 100), use this simple filter in your child theme or plugin.

Upon installation, CrytoWP imports basic data about the current Top 100 Coins to your site. You may want to list a coin outside of that list and with the cryptowp_coins filter, it’s easy to do.

Paste this function into your child theme’s functions.php file or plugin file:

 * Filter custom list of Coins into Importer
 * @since 1.0

function child_theme_coins() {
	return array(
		'coin_id'   => 'Coin Name',
		'coin_id_2' => 'Coin Name 2'

add_filter( 'cryptowp_coins', 'child_theme_coins' );

To use this filter, simply get the Coin ID from CoinMarketCap and enter it with a desired name. Repeat this step for as many coins as you’d like and you will then see these coins added as options to the Coin Importer field in your Crypto Dashboard.