How to Install + Setup the CryptoWP Plugin

Installing the CryptoWP plugin to your website is easy and can be done right from the WordPress admin panel. This guide will show you how to install the plugin, add your license key, and give you an overview of Crypto Dashboard settings.

Step 1: Download CryptoWP From Your Account

After you’ve successfully purchased CryptoWP you can download the plugin files from your account at any time. Just click the “My Account” tab at the top of this page, or follow this link to go to your account.

Click the big green “Download CryptoWP” button to download the plugin .zip file to your computer, and keep note of your license key for later.

NOTE: Your license key was meant for you only and the number of sites you activate it on will be tracked and limited to only the number of activations as granted on your account. We don’t care if you let your friends use your license, just save a few activations for yourself!

Download CryptoWP

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Step 2: Install .zip File to Plugins Screen

Now that you’ve downloaded the plugin file, login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to WP Admin > Plugins > Add New Follow the onscreen instructions to upload the CryptoWP plugin file to your site.

Once the plugin has finished uploading, click the “Activate” text link to complete installation! CryptoWP is now running on your site.

Upon activation, CryptoWP will save basic data from the current top 100 coins from CoinMarketCap. This loads Coin ID’s into the Coin Importer so you can import coins from the Crypto Dashboard.

Step 3: Activate Your License Key

To get the latest features and bug fixes delivered to your site through the auto-updater system, you must enter and keep your active license key into the Crypto Dashboard.

Go back to your account and copy your license key, then go back to WP Admin > Crypto and enter your license key at the top right hand side of the screen.

Once entered, press the “save” button to save the key to your database. You will then need to press the “Activate” button to activate the license key and connect your site to the CryptoWP updater system.

Once successful, you will see this confirmation on your Dashboard with information about your license key:

CryptoWP License Dashboard

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CryptoWP Dashboard Overview

With CryptoWP now successfully installed and setup you can begin using its features.

The actions you have at the top of the CryptoWP Dashboard are:

  • Import Coins (you can import upto 5 coins from the Top 100 Coins list at a time)
  • Currency (change the default fiat currency to show coin prices in)
  • Add Coin (manually add coins and enter data yourself)

CryptoWP Dashboard

Importing Coins

The Coin Importer was designed to save you time and to make it easy to bulk import coin data into your site. To limit the amount of calls made to the CoinMarketCap API, you can import five (5) coins at a time.

Each coin will be imported with its data intact and will even upload the coin’s image to your Media Library. This is a nice touch as you will be able to use your favorite coin’s logos anywhere in your site by simply entering your Media Library.

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